land services

3C Services has extensive experience in the management and execution of electric services with a focus on the demands of utilities. Efficient services with a guarantee of quality and safety. All of them is based on the ANEEL Normative Resolution No. 414 of September 9, 2010.

Primary distribution network services - Group A

  • New connection;
  • Inspection of theft in standard measurement;
  • Standardization of measurement standard;
  • Cutting and re-establishing of utility services.

Secondary distribution network services - Group B

  • Types of grids: conventional and centralized (hubs);
  • Inspection and pre-sale of binding standards;
  • Conventional measurement gauging;
  • New connection;
  • Inspection of theft in measurement standard;
  • Standardization of measurement standard;
  • Cutting;
  • Reconnection;
  • Installation of measuring system;
  • Centralized (concentrator);
  • Inspection of theft in centralized measurement (concentrator);
  • Maintenance of centralized metering system (concentrator);
  • Secondary distribution grid shield;
  • Transformer bt bushing shield;
  • Performance in shielded bt cable networks;
  • Public lighting grid;
  • Reading and delivering accounts.

Emergency service

  • Emergency attendance in primary and secondary distribution grid;
  • Performance in small pruning and cleaning of primary and secondary distribution grid.
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