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3C Services has two modern metrological laboratories in Brazil. We have modern and high precision equipment, all calibrated by RBC, providing greater automation to the process and a qualified and experienced technical staff to carry out metrological tests, ensuring, through good practices, the recognition of our customers, society, organs consumer protection and related entities.

Management of the measurement park

  • Technical evaluation in meters by request of the user or the customer;
  • Reception and registration of new meters;
  • Scrap metering;
  • Strategic materials management: seals, locked carton and envelopes;
  • Sending letters;
  • Reception and testing of measuring sets.

Equipment calibration

  • More than 15 years working in the metrology market;
  • More than 3500 calibrated equipment in this period;
  • Internal and external Calibrations;
  • Accredited laboratories able to attend all Brazilian regions.
  • Accreditation in energy and electricity;
  • Procedures in accordance with subsections 12.2 and 12.3 of the ONS.

Calculation and Control - TOI

  • Calculation of the term of occurrence and inspection;
  • TOI correspondence management;
  •  Archiving and scanning of documents;
  • Orders finished 1500 per month;
  • Completion of complaints with the ANEEL Ombudsman;
  • Calculation of TOI, groups A and B;
  • Contracts with ENEL RJ and ENEL CE.

Meter recovery

  • Screening and evaluation of reuse;
  • General Inspection;
  • Internal and external general cleaning;
  • Base paint;
  • Replacement of defective parts (cannibalism);
  • Visual inspection and cleaning of registers and bearings;
  • Verification of correspondence;
  • Verification and adjustment of conjugate equilibrium;
  • Metering tests;
  • Replacement of sealing seals;
  • Serial output (PIMA, IRDA and RS);
  • Closing and sealing;
  • Labeling and packaging.

Laboratories and Dielectic tests

  • Laboratory certified by ISO 9001;
  • Bases in Brazil able to attend all the regions of Brazil;
  • More than 7 years in the market;
  • Pre-test and hygienization system for rubber, capable of increasing its durability by up to 80%;
  • Testing of trucks on immediate demand;
  • Test and recovery of insulated tools.

Analysis of high voltage projects

  • Team composed of engineers;
  • Basic and substation executive project analysis;
  • Basic and executive Project analysis of transmission line.

Substation projects and networks

  • Substation: civil, electrotechnical, protection and control; aerial and sheltered; 13.8 kv – 750 kv.
  • Electrical networks: extra high voltage; high voltage; medium voltage; low tension.
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